FLY: warp
private work, 2022

size: 46 x 33.5 x d45.5(cm) / photo:Tadayuki Minamoto

Prism Ellipse: space
private work, 2022

photo:Tadayuki Minamoto

commission work, 2021

photo : Takahumi Kubo

commission work, 2020

art consultant : ILYA / photo: Tadayuki Minamoto

Frill 09
private work, 2019

photo: Tadayuki Minamoto

ANAインターコンチネンタル別府リゾート&スパ / ANA INTERCONTINENTAL Beppu Resort & Spa
commission work, 2019

art consultant : ART FRONT GALLERY / photo : Takahumi Kubo

Frill: cloud
commission work, 2019

client: 船曳建築設計 /size: 210 x 80 x d60(cm) / photo: Tadayuki Minamoto

I started working on “Frill” series in 2015 inspired by the birth of my daughter. The series express uniqueness of each life and each natural phenomenon in this world by integrating contradictory expressions of bamboo, stretched taut and cloth-like soft curvy lines. I paid a visit to your vacation house at Kyu-Karuizawa to understand actual surrounding atmosphere. I saw perfectly calculated straight lines dominating the architectural design of your house in the mountain. It made me decide to have cloud as the main theme for the piece of my work this time while utilizing features of my “Frill” series. Unlike carefully engineered beauty of design, manually crafted frill finished fringes have a subtle irregularity in it. You just cannot calculate or duplicate such irregularity in any way. That is actually the source of dynamic yet calming atmosphere generated around my “Frill” series works. My “Frill” series are the antithetical to engineered beauty. It will surely have a harmonious but strong presence in your house. Cloud never stays the same, never be the same. It would be my great pleasure if you could feel and enjoy ever-changing cloud around my work.